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Berlin Motorhome Rental

Berlin is both the capital of Germany and the perfect place to begin your European motorhome holiday. 

Hiring a motorhome in Berlin

With more than 3.5 million people living in Berlin, the city is Europe’s second most populous and the most populous in Germany. It’s a city where history, culture and architecture combine to become an international holiday destination. When you want to head out of the city and explore Germany by motorhome, take a look at the 7 fleets on offer with Motorhome Republic. There are RVs for families, for travelling pairs and for groups, and you can hire a motorhome for a quick or lengthy holiday in Germany. 

What to do with your Berlin campervan rental

Hamburg is only three hours from Berlin and is a fantastic city to visit. One of the best reasons to stop here is the Miniatur Wunderland, which is the world’s largest miniature railway model. The city is also known for its beautiful parks, architecture and port. 
Six hours southwest of Berlin is Stuttgart, and in Stuttgart, you’ll find the Mercedes-Benz Museum. There are 9 levels, 160 vehicles and more than 1,500 exhibits. Even those who don’t love cars will admire the history and innovations of this famous brand. 
The Saxon Switzerland National Park is three hours south of Berlin. There are more than 400 kilometres of hiking and biking tracks, as well as countless summits for rock climbers, and unforgettable sandstone cliffs, valleys and eroded rock formations. 
Continue further south to Bamberg Altstadt, which is four hours away. This town is one of Germany’s iconic medieval villages of indescribable beauty and history. The entire town is a UNESCO World Heritage site and you can tour it with a guide or simply wander the streets in your own time. 
It can be hard to pick just one castle to visit in Germany, but if you’ve only got a short amount time, make your way to the Schwerin Castle less than two hours northwest of Berlin. This castle stands out as it is built on an island in the middle of a lake, where it has sat since the 10th century. Today it is a museum and a government building. 
If you have the time, make your way to the Black Forest in Germany’s southwest, about 7.5 hours from Berlin. It’s considered to be the inspiration for many Brothers Grimm fairy tales with its dark green canopies and dense trees, and makes for fantastic sightseeing and hiking. 

Berlin motorhome hire throughout the seasons

Berlin’s summers are particularly pleasant, with highs around 17 – 18 degrees Celsius for June, July and August. The warmth disappears quickly in autumn but can still be a good time to visit as September receives temperatures of around 15 degrees C before it drops to highs of just 5 degrees in November. 
Winters can be quite cold, with January averages sitting at -1 degrees and the occasional snowfall across the city. Spring can still be quite chilly in March and April with highs not quite reaching 10 degrees, while May can start warming up to around 14 degrees C. 
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Berlin Motorhome Facts

Average rental length
April31 days
July12 days
October15 days
Average 2 berth rental price

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