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5 Motorhome Holiday Pitfalls to Avoid

Hitting the open road in a motorhome is one of the best ways to experience a country - but if it’s your first time, there are a couple things to look out for.

There’s nothing quite like a motorhome holiday - that special mix of freedom, connection with your surroundings and luxurious relaxation. But that doesn’t mean that this kind of travel is without its hazards - there are a handful of things that can trip up the unwary motorhome holidaymaker. The good news is, you can shortcut all the trial and error and just avoid these mistakes all together - read on to find out how.

1. Taking on too much

It’s an easy mistake to make: you look at the map and realise that a motorhome will allow you to see so many different places - before long your itinerary is jam packed with things to see and do. But putting too much on your vacation plate is just a recipe for stress and worry. You can always take another holiday but you’ll never get this one back again, so slow down and enjoy it. If you don’t get to see everything this time around, that’s okay. Motorhome holidays are best taken at a leisurely pace, with plenty of time allotted to simply appreciate the ever-changing panorama of wonders that come your way.

2. Bringing too much stuff

Our modern lives have become increasingly cluttered with miscellaneous gadgets, knick knacks and paraphernalia, and the temptation is to bring a goodly amount of that along on a motorhome holiday. This is a mistake, though. There’s not a lot of room (even in the most generously sized motorhome) for extraneous stuff and all those bits and pieces are just going to end up as an annoyance. Think about what’s really going to be helpful to you and leave the rest at home - you’ll quickly find that trimming down will make your holiday far more enjoyable.

3. Forgetting the importance of personal space

Whether you’re travelling with a group of friends, your family or just your partner, don’t forget that everyone needs their own personal space. Driving and living in the same space for days (and sometimes weeks) can begin to take a toll on even the most solid of relationships, unless you make an effort to give each other the opportunity for alone time. Exactly how you do this will vary a bit depending on your circumstances and who you’re travelling with, but things like scheduling separate activities or even bringing along a tent can really nip this problem in the bud before it even emerges. 

4. Choosing the wrong motorhome

Not all motorhomes are created equal. There’s a range of motorhome types and sizes to suit every kind of holiday, and travelling in one that doesn’t fit your needs can really put a dent in your enjoyment. Don’t worry though, it’s not hard to pick the right motorhome - just asking yourself a couple of basic questions like ‘Where am I going?’ ‘Who am I travelling with?’ and ‘What kind of holiday do I want?’ will quickly guide you in the right direction. If you’re still a little unsure as to which model to pick, ask the experts at Motorhome Republic - they’re always keen to help you find the best motorhome for your particular trip.

5. Sticking rigidly to a schedule

There’s nothing wrong with planning out your journey - figuring out where you’re going to go and what you plan to do is a great idea. But if you pass up amazing opportunities along the way in order tick off the next item on your list, you’re really missing a huge part of what makes motorhoming so wonderful. By all means plan your holiday but remember that a motorhome gives you the freedom to improvise, to embrace a little spontaneity - and to discover things you never even knew existed.

Now that you have all those advice in your head, you can start planning your next motorhome journey. In case you want to escape the city life, you could head to the beautiful desert of Utah, in the US, where numerous National Parks are waiting for you to discover them. If you want to see some nature but still want to be able to experience the facilities of a city, make your way to Australia where cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Cairns will offer you everything you are looking for. Finally, if you want to hop from one city to another, the United Kingdom might be your best bet with plenty of cities like London, Bristol and Edinburgh, each displaying something different.


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  • Elmara 4 October 2015

    Note this Lionel Willis!

  • Basil Owen 1 October 2015

    I could not agree with you more, that 5 trip's are as good as gold. My wife and I have been on the road for three years now, our first year in a motor home, we had our frustrations and decided to opt for a caravan. We purchased a very good condition Jurgens Exclusive and our toe vehicle Ford Ranger 3.2 Tdi 6 Speed. With a motor home we found that if you want to do a long stay the frustration when you have to purchase provisions. We enjoyed our motor home but as we deciden to go permanent the caravan option works for us. There are a lot of campers with years of knowledge and we always took heed of their experience. Kind regards Basil & Palma Owen We are at Dibiki Caravan Park near Hartenbos our base is Cape Town and just enjoy this part of the world. we are at Dibiki Resort ,

  • Charlotte14 January 2018

    Glad to hear you're having an amazing trip Basil!