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10 Motorhome Life Hacks You Have to Try

How to make your motorhome holiday even better? Try these simple tricks that will make your life on the go so much easier.

Over the course of many years and countless motorhome holidays, veterans of the motorhoming lifestyle tend to pick up a few tricks along the way to make the experience just that much better. But if you want the benefit of all that experience and innovation right now (and let’s be honest: why wouldn’t you?), we’ve compiled some of the most helpful pieces of motorhome wisdom from a few of those veterans - so you can learn in a few minutes the tips they took years to refine. 
1. Clothes pegs 
The title pretty much sums up the whole tip. Bring them - they’re an invaluable tool in a space where everything needs to be secured. Of course they’ll do fine for actual clothes hanging as well, but in addition to that they’re extremely useful for making sure half empty packets don’t become totally empty packets during your drive to the next location.
2. Non-slip liners for drawers and shelves
This is basic stuff, but if you don’t make your drawers and shelves non-slip you’ll definitely notice the difference. Consequences range from things rattling and bumping around to a full scale glassware disaster. Liners are cheap and easy to add - cut them to the right shape and size with scissors or a box knife.
3. Coffee filter in the sink
This is the perfect way to stop food scraps from sneaking their way down the sinkhole while you’re preparing dinner. Obviously the water and sewage system in a motorhome isn’t quite the same as a house (and you don’t have a handy garbage disposal built into the sink!) so this is a cheap way to save a lot of hassle.
4. Mesh sleeves for wine bottles
Hey, you’re on holiday - it’d be surprising if you weren’t bringing at least a couple bottles of vino along. But wine bottles do have a nasty tendency to bang against each other creating an annoying racket - if you’re unlucky, one might even crack. To stave off disaster, use some inexpensive mesh bottle sleeves - you’ll never have to worry about breakage again.
5. Can tabs for extra clothes hangers
Space is at a premium in a motorhome, so it pays to use it wisely. You can afford to bring along a few more clothes if you utilize the tabs from soft drink or beer cans - slip one end over a hanger hook, then use the other end to support another hanger. Twice the clothes storage, just like that!
6. Wipes, not bottles
Keeping your motorhome clean and tidy is important, but a collection of cleaning product bottles takes up a lot of space and is liable to leak. Wipes are a better alternative - they’re compact and no mess. Just make sure that if they don’t come in a resealable packet, you keep them in a zip lock bag once open.
7. Pool noodle lifesavers
These are good for more than just fun in the sun - you can cut them up and slip them over struts, sharp edges, and any other surface that you’re liable to accidentally bump into. Hopefully you don’t need them, but if you do they’ll certainly save you a bruise or two.
8. Opt for square containers
Really this is just common sense, but given that you’re probably busy with a hundred other bits of holiday prep it’s an easy one to forget. Cylindrical containers are far more common, so consider transferring a few things before you head off. You’ll save yourself some space, plus square containers are less likely to roll around if they get loose.
9. Mattress toppers
Some motorhome beds are comfortable, some… less so. Don’t leave it to chance; pick up a foam mattress topper and you’ll be dreaming in style. It’s not a big investment but it will make a world of difference - a sound night’s sleep ensures that you’ll be fully refreshed and ready to enjoy the next day, whatever that may bring.
10. Bubble wrap insulation
For those venturing forth in colder climates, keeping the inside of your motorhome warm is a top priority. One way to make this a whole lot easier is by using bubble wrap on your windows. Just cut it to size, spray a light mist of water on the inside of the window, and press the bubble wrap on. Obviously you can’t really see much out of them but they do let in a lot of light and keep out a lot of the cold. 
Got your own toolkit of tips and tricks for motorhome adventuring? We’d love to find out all we can - let us know in the comments if you have any little motorhoming secrets you can’t wait to share!
Feature image: whatsnewell.blogspot.com

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