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5 of the World’s Most Exclusive Luxury RV Resorts

For the times when money is no object, these spots land holidaymakers right in the lap of luxury.

Many people associate RV camping with “roughing it” but when it comes to these heavenly havens, nothing could be further from the truth. From sites with their own waterfall pool (!) to private white sand beaches and yacht clubs, the amenities go a little beyond hot and cold running water, to say the least. Most of them don’t even use the term “RV” - they prefer “motor coach”, which is what an RV calls itself after it inherits a multi-million dollar fortune.

Dive into the world of the ultra rich with these 5 RV resorts that make most hotels look shabby…

Heritage Motor Coach Resort and Marina

Photo: Eric Howell

1. Heritage Motor Coach Resort and Marina

Nestling among the heritage live oaks that give the resort its name, this Gulf Coast paradise is no mere campground. With coach houses accompanying each site, a seaside clubhouse which features an infinity pool, and exclusive boat slip sites that allow patrons to set sail on the Gulf of Mexico, this resort exudes the old school charm you’d expect from old money in the deep south.

Desert Shores Luxury Motorcoach Resort

Photo: desertshoresresort.com

2. Desert Shores Luxury Motorcoach Resort

Two words: waterfall pool. Okay, so not every site comes complete with a grotto spa, poolside bar and waterfall, but that does indicate the level of luxury they deal in. Should you wish to venture outside of your luxurious villa, you’re right in the midst of the Coachella Valley - music concerts, golfing, fine dining, musicals… all the best of art, culture and indulgence right at your fingertips. Los Angeles is just down the road and a great place to start your roadtrip if you fancy having a look at Desert Shores.

Bella Terra of Gulf Shores

Photo: bikini-beaches.com

3. Bella Terra of Gulf Shores

A classic “country club” style resort, it disdains ostentatious touches like waterfall pools in favour of more refined decadence. A private movie theatre, a fenced in dog park for your furry friends and a Grand Clubhouse with an outdoor firepit are just a few of the top notch amenities available to those who park up at Bella Terra. Southern hospitality never felt so good.

Naples Motorcoach Resort

Photo: naplesmotorcoachresort.com

4. Naples Motorcoach Resort

Located right in the midst of Naples, Florida - one of the wealthiest cities in the United States - this place is a tourist dream come true. While the resort itself is incredibly well appointed, most visitors will want to get out and about, experiencing the beaches, the boardwalks, the art and the culture. Or sure, if you’re a homebody, take a turn around the Motorcoach Resort ballroom or enjoy a movie in their private cinema. Your choice.

LVM Resort

Photo: lvmresort.com

5. LVM Resort

If the above options sound a little boring to you, do not despair! You’ll find LVM Resort right in the entertainment capital of the world: Las Vegas. Get ready for a big night out with a massage or sauna, visit the tanning pool (or one of their two whirlpools, if that’s more your thing), enjoy dinner in a fabulous 50’s style diner... all that is just the beginning. Vegas awaits.

Of course, none of these are any good to you without an RV. Whether you have the budget to select from the list above or are hunting for something substantially more modest, Motorhome Republic will help you find exactly what you’re after. You never know - it could be the first step in a beautiful journey that will lead to a waterfall pool...


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  • Troy Blackburn12 September 2017

    Wow, what a fun and informative article! I was in Las Vegas recently, and wish I had read this article for cool RV sites before I decided to pay for a hotel. This really brings a new perspective to interesting and fun travel ideas. https://snowbirdhaven.ca/rv-sites.html

  • Charlotte14 January 2018

    Hi Troy! You're absolutely right, Las Vegas in itself is amazing to visit - but in a motorhome, it's a whole new adventure. Getting off the beaten path is our favourite way to travel. You get to experience a whole new way to see the world. We hope you had a great time in Vegas :)

  • Neil 9 July 2015

    Having stayed at the Naples Motorcoach Resort, we can certainly attest to the fantastic atmosphere, appointments and experience. We will certainly return. :)

  • Charlotte14 January 2018

    Hi Neil, so glad to hear you had such an amazing time :)