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Queenstown CBD becoming more campervan friendly

Good news for campervan travellers who are planning on heading to New Zealand’s gorgeous South Island.

Queenstown is one of the most popular tourist destinations for those who have picked up a campervan hire in NZ - and with good reason, too. The combination of epic scenery, low-key luxury and all the adventure activities the most hardened adrenaline fiend could wish for creates an irresistible pull for many visitors Down Under. However, these attractive qualities equal crowds during the peak season, meaning that downtown Queenstown can be a little challenging to deal with for those driving a campervan. Parking in particular has been a known issue for some time, but the Queenstown Lakes District Council is now implementing changes to make it easier for visitors, locals, and particularly campervan drivers, to get around the Queenstown CBD and find a spot to park up.


The changes, which started in August and will carry on over several months, aim to cut down on congestion and free up car parks. QLDC General Manager, Infrastructure, Peter Hansby commented, “There are more changes in the pipeline over the coming twelve months to help ease congestion and parking issues. It’s not a simple process and involves a bit of trial and error, but we’re proactively making changes and expect to see positive results, both in the short and longer term.” 


Many of the changes revolve around streamlining measures - for example, loading zones become dual use Loading Zone/Taxi Stands, and clearer signage will help drivers distinguish between short term parking and loading zones. Some of the changes coming to Queenstown’s CBD will directly make life easier for those on a motorhome rental trip around New Zealand: one welcome development is 33 new dedicated campervan carparks at the Boundary Street carpark. Even the general improvements will have an impact on campervan drivers in the CBD, making it less of a hassle to guide a large vehicle through a busy centre.


Queenstown Lakes District Mayor, Vanessa Van Uden says that this is part of an ongoing strategy to ease congestion across Queenstown. “Council is well aware of the issues many drivers are encountering during busy periods in Queenstown’s CBD, and are looking to make changes that benefit the community.”


This is welcome news for those considering a trip down to the Queenstown area. Not only will the surrounding countryside be a joy to drive through, but navigating Queenstown itself won’t be the prickly challenge it once was. For a few ideas on where to go once you’ve booked a campervan hire in Queenstown, take a quick look over these New Zealand motorhome itineraries. Other popular Kiwi locations include Christchurch, Nelson, Wellington and Auckland. Give them a try during your next trip to this beautiful country.

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