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New Motorhome Model Takes Luxury to the Next Level

There’s a new standard in luxurious RV travel.

Fresh off the back of news that RV retail giant Thor Industries enjoyed a record year for RV sales, they have announced an all new model to tempt those with a taste for the good life. The Aria is a Class A diesel motorhome, built for luxury. This isn’t the first luxury motorhome that Thor have released by any means, but it does have a number of enticing features that set it apart from its predecessors.
One of the most impressive features is undoubtedly the 100-watt Solar Charging System. Not only does this provide some pretty impressive self-powering capabilities right off the bat, but the 40-amp charger allows for up to 300 watts of power input (from additional panels) so you can really beef up your solar harvesting if you want to. 
One of the biggest luxury features of the Aria isn’t a particular gadget or feature, it’s the sense of space. There’s plenty of room to spread out, stretch your legs and generally bask in the feeling of being RV royalty. That’s not to say there aren’t plenty of nifty features all throughout the Aria: a king sized bed, top notch entertainment system, built-in bedside USB charging stations and an electric induction cooktop are just a handful of the mod-cons on offer. Although it obviously comes with a fairly substantial price tag, the cost might be lower that you’d imagine. Jon Krider, director of Marketing at Thor Motor Coach, said of the price point, “Affordable luxury would be a perfect way to talk about the Aria. You’re going to get all the high-end diesel features, but it’s not going to be three to four-hundred thousand dollars, you’re looking at a price point much less than that.” According to the Thor Motor Coach website, the Aria will actually start from USD$265,930, although this price can increase if you choose to add on extra features.
Thor isn’t the only company to offer luxury motorhome experiences of course. There’s a thriving niche market for this indulgent travel trend, with some truly impressive models pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for an on-road vehicle. 
Not everyone has the cash to go out and purchase the latest luxury RV but that doesn’t mean the motorhoming good life is out of reach. Booking a motorhome rental for your next vacation gives you the chance to make your next holiday truly special. Whether you’re picking up an RV rental from Las Vegas for a once in a lifetime trip to the Grand Canyon, booking an RV rental in San Francisco to enjoy the sights of Big Sur or going the whole hog with a cross country road trip, a motorhome rental can have you feeling like you too are, however briefly, RV royalty! In case you are in the pursuit of a luxury lifestyle, you should pay a visit to Paris, London and/or Rome. African countries such as Zambia and South Africa also provide some unforgettable luxury holidays.

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