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Tassie Motor Shack Rentals

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Britz Campervan Rentals

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250+ reviews250
Maui Motorhomes AU

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50+ reviews50
Let’s Go Motorhomes AU

Great, 83%
50+ reviews50
Cruisin Motorhomes Australia

Great, 82%
250+ reviews250

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Cheeky kangaroo invades caravan, brings back friends

Beware the motorhome marsupial menace!

As anyone who’s ever taken a motorhome rental holiday in Australia knows, getting up close with local wildlife is always a holiday highlight, but it seems that occasionally these critters can get a little too friendly. Aussie couple Justin & Bec Lorrimer sold their house in December 2015 to take their three kids on the caravan trip of a lifetime right around Australia, and while they’ve encountered a number of tricky situations along the way, from staying sane with three young children on the road to preparing family meals with minimal storage, an inquisitive kangaroo presented them with one of their most perplexing and amusing conundrums yet. 
An overly friendly roo ended up inside their camper and refused to leave despite repeated pushing and prodding, until Justin managed to lure it outside with pieces of apple. The Lorrimers may have believed their kangaroo problems were over, but things were about to get even stranger. Apparently heartened by the prospect of an easy snack, the persistent critter returned later that day with a band of friends, all keen to get in on an apple bonanza. A somewhat bemused Justin caught it all on video: “I think word’s got out in the local kangaroo community that they can come in and have a bit of dinner. They’re all lining up to get in the door now.”
The Lorrimer family’s kangaroo videos have gone viral, with news and entertainment outlets like CNN, Buzzfeed and News.com.au all picking up on on the clips. 
Travelling in motorhome with the whole family is clearly an amazing way to experience Australia (or any other country for that matter) though of course it does come with its own set of challenges - not all of them kangaroo-centric. Most kids adjust quickly to life on the road but if you want to make your journey easier, there are all kinds of ways you can keep the wee ones entertained on a motorhome holiday. As well as keeping the kids happy, it’s also crucial, as Bec Lorrimer noted recently on her blog, to “make sure to schedule ‘mum/dad time’”. 
If you’re keen to set out on an epic Aussie adventure yourself, booking a motorhome rental in Australia is your shortcut to an absolutely amazing vacation. Whether you’re plotting a massive road trip around the country or simply a weekend away, the freedom and flexibility of a campervan holiday will provide your family with iconic memories for years to come.

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